How to Use New Wild Apricot Features to Grow Your Membership

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Get Training on How to Use New Features and Updates to Boost Your Organization

If you’re in the role of membership manager in your organization, growing your member numbers can feel like an uphill struggle. To help you get more new members and keep them renewing year after year, we added several new features to Wild Apricot in 2019.

Join us for this training-focused webinar to learn how you can use these newer features to engage more members, and to hear about some of the features we’re planning to bring.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • A quick way to simplify your signup process to recruit more members 

  • The steps to setting up an online store for membership merchandise

  • How to build an email that re-engages your members  

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Mark Faccia

Personify Onboarding Specialist

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