8 Expert Tips for Raising $10K+ on Facebook

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Facebook has cracked the code for social media fundraising. Facebook Fundraisers are easy to learn and use peer-to-peer technology to unlock fast unrestricted cash for your nonprofit. Nonprofits need new, ongoing, and sustainable revenue streams and this may be a solution. But there are secrets to unlocking lots of more revenue than casual users understand. Come learn the tips the experts use to unlock tens of thousands of dollars annually.  

You will learn how to: 

  • Set up your Facebook page to run fundraisers 

  • Craft your content, timing, frequency and strategy for more revenue 

  • Common mistakes that will harm your campaign 

8 Expert Tips for Raising $10K+ on Facebook

Meet Our Speaker


Sean Kosofsky

NonProfit FIxer

Sean Kosofsky is the NonProfit Fixer! He has worked in nonprofits for over 28 years, including as executive director for five organizations. He has worked in policy, communications, grassroots advocacy, direct service, development, management and served on numerous boards. He has raised millions of dollars for causes, candidates, and campaigns. His work has appeared in news stories around the world, and he has offered webinars or blog posts through AFP, Candid, Idealware, Tech Soup, Wild Apricot, and Pamela Grow’s Motivate Mondays, and elsewhere. He offers coaching, consulting and training for nonprofit professionals at NonProfitFixer.com 

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