5 Common Legal Traps for Nonprofits and How to Avoid Them

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Have you ever worried your organization could have some hidden legal risks? Often it’s what we don’t know that can come back to haunt us. This is why we invited Erin McClarty, nonprofit attorney and strategist, to present a free webinar on the most common legal issues she sees nonprofits face, and what to do about them.  

In this free session, Erin will show you: 

  • The 5 most common legal traps for nonprofits

  • Several solutions and tools to reduce your risk

  • The best jargon-free resources every nonprofit should read

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Meet Our Speaker


Erin McClarty

Founder, Erin McClarty, PLLC

Erin started her career as counsel for international Fortune rated companies. Now, she lives out her passion providing strategy, business consulting and legal services to mission-focused organizations. Her clients range from startup businesses, not-for-profits, social enterprises and foundations to community centers, public-private partnerships, government institutions and individual leaders. Essentially, anyone or thing wanting to create, grow or manage their positive impact. Erin writes a blog on legal issues for mission related organizations, and is working on a how-to book for charities.

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